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Enter the 2018 Billiard University (BU)
$4000 Exam I 100 Challenge

Video Encyclopedias of Pool Shots (VEPS),
Pool Practice (VEPP), Eight Ball (VEEB),
Nine-ball and Ten-ball (VENT)
DVD series

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots DVDs Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice DVDs
Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball DVDs Video Encyclopedia of Nine-ball and Ten-ball DVDs

Tom Simpson (well-known Instructor):
"In my opinion, this is the greatest resource for players ever created. Packed with knowledge, clear demonstrations, simple explanations, and good pool sense."

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VEPP prices/purchase
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How To Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)
DVD series

Billiard Univeristy (BU) DVDs


Billiard University (BU)
DVD series

Billiard Univeristy (BU) DVDs


The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

instructional pool and billiards book
instructional video DVD
high-speed-video DVD
high-speed video

NOTE - the TIPOPAB CD-ROM is no longer
offered or supported. The DVD is a better option.


Tom Ross Complete Instructional Works (TRCD)
CD-ROM series

Tom Ross Complete Instructional Works CD-ROMs


Dr. Dave offers private lessons, instructor certification, and pool courses via: Dr. Dave's Pool School and Billiard University (BU) Summer School Boot Camps

Additional teaching and learning resources are available at: billiards.colostate.edu

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