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(Note - the content of this DVD is differnet from the content of the HSV DVD)

$24.95 + $15.50 S&H


(Note - The content of this DVD is different from that of the DVD, but it is still a standard DVD video)

$24.95 + $15.50 S&H


$6.00 off


$45.95 + $15.50 S&H


$14.45 + $6.00 off

Mega Package:
DVD, HSV DVD and complete 5-DVD Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS) set

$169.95 +$19.50 S&H

$79.20 off

Mega-Mega Package Deal:
DVD, HSV DVD, entire 10-DVD Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS) and Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP) sets

$304.95 +$25.50 S&H

$128.95 off

Monster Mega Package Deal:
Entire 20-DVD Video Encyclopedia series: Pool Shots (VEPS) and Pool Practice (VEPP), Eight Ball (VEEB), the 3-DVD How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS) and Billiard University (BU) sets, the "Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards" DVD and HSV DVD, and Tom Ross' Complete Instruction Works 2-CD-ROM set

$629.95 + $29.50 S&H

$596.05 off

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